Drying Coats

Dog Drying Coats from Western Australia. More than a folded towel with a hood. This is the ultimate quality Dog Drying coat.

We made our first ever Dog Drying coat purely for our beach loving dog in 2010, to dry him on the way home from the beach and save our car from sand and salt water. I bought the best quality fabric and cut and sewed until it fitted him perfectly. Our friends like it so we started making for them.. and suddenly we had a great business. 

In the last 13 years we have continued to update the design, with feedback from customers we tailor them to dog shapes and now make 8 sizes for perfect fit. We also make 9 beautiful colours, as almost every year we introduce a new colour. All the photos you see in store are from happy customers and this has helped us create our design to fit perfectly and provide maximum drying for all dog shapes.

Dog drying coats

Years of experience has taught us not to use Velcro as it fails quickly. We tested all sorts of fabrics too. Cotton gets too heavy when wet, it surrounds your dog in a soggy wet coat. Most micro fibre is too thin and has loops which snag. We have our fabric custom made and dyed to our specification which is why we have so many beautiful colours. The fibres are longer than in most fabrics and contain individual long threads which wick water away from coats. This is quality that lasts. Many have lasted through several generations of dog. 

Please note prices for drying coats vary according to size, our tiniest XS is like hand towel size and XXL is 4 Large Bath Sheets. 

We make matching towelling robes for Humans. Select below to view Dog Drying Coats or the Adult and Kids Robes.