Surfdog Story

Surfdog Australia

SurfDog Australia is a one woman, 3 dog business in Western Australia.

In 2010 I made a towelling coat for my boy ‘Captain’ who adored the beach, to dry him and protect my car from soggy doggy damage on trips home! Seems everyone loved them.. so I created Surfdog Australia.

My dogs loved the beach, and I just wished I could capture a handful of the joy they had when we went there! It seemed to be a lesson to us all about the power of now! Surfers and dogs just get it! So I started to design products getting ideas from the surf industry and continue to add products as I can, often suggested by customer feedback.

My products look good but they are practical - there is just not enough room in the world for anymore 'stuff'. With the vast influx of generic Pet Products from China, Surfdog Australia is a rare breed. I put a lot of love into creating quality products that fit our Aussie Dogs, making them around actual dogs and getting those dogs to test them! Surfdog Australia is just me!

Sadly my beautiful boy ‘Captain’ left me this year at the age of 17. I now only have 2 dogs but describe my business as having 3 as ‘Captain’ is always with me. Every time I sell a robe it is great way of celebrating his life. I now joke that every robe I sell comes with a hug! (well actually it does...) My customers are everything, it is your support, feedback, photos and referrals that has made Surfdog Australia a success! I take great pleasure in having happy customers. Thank you x