Surfdog Australia

Surfdog Australia began in 2010 in Mandurah, 50km South of Perth in Western Australia, where we have some of the best dog beaches in the world.

I have always been enchanted by the way dogs behave on the beach.  If only we could tap into the pure energy and display of total and complete, 'live for the moment' joy!  Dogs appreciate the beach and the ocean just like surfers. And I kind of wanted to create a brand that celebrated this.. "for dogs that love the beach".

The first Surfdog Product was created out of a real need and love for my own beach loving dog. Trips to the beach with my dogs left my car covered in salt water and sand. And a big hairy dog (and 2 little ones) dripping wet and cold who ran away from hair dryers!  In 2010 I made my first towelling coats. 

This is us on the beach in 2010. My original pack included Tinkerbell my beautiful black Schnoodle, Mouse my cute bundle of love little Terrier, and my gorgeous Labradoodle boy Captain.

Dog drying coats

After seeing my drying coats my friends wanted them too. I tried so many fabrics when I first started and soon abandoned the idea of cotton towelling after finding it snagged and got so heavy when wet.  Eventually I discovered the super quality micro fibre I now use. It dried my dogs incredibly quickly, stayed light when wet, did not snag or shrink, and was soft and strong. There are a few imitations these days (a lot dropped shipped direct from China) but its all about the fabric and the shaping for each size of dog which has taken me 10 years to get right and means I don't need to use velcro or any other fiddly fastenings. I still use some of the original coats I made 11 years ago as do many of my customers who report they look as good as new.

In my early days I had a Chevy Surfdog Ute. This was before the days of Instagram so getting your brand out there needed different ideas!  I roamed around the beaches of Perth to show off my products and Captain was an amazing ambassador. Here is Captain and me at Port Beach in Fremantle drawing a crowd. He is wearing one of my very first Drying Coats which I then only made in yellow and size large.

I design my own products with my dogs at home who are so used to being models they instantly stand when I approach them with fabric!  I also have some great customers and friends with dogs of various sizes who help me! This is one of the main reasons I ask for customers to send me photos so I can check the shape and fit on all sizes of dogs.

Me making XXL size in 2017!

I am passionate about quality.  I am also obsessive about service. My customers must be happy.  Please check the reviews on my product pages. The market is increasingly hard with so many products coming direct from China with 'drop shipping.'  These sellers simply select products from Chinese factories and sell them as their own products, usually with the power of instagram marketing. They bring no revenue into Australia, pay no import duties and make vast sums for China. Surfdog Australia products are my products. I do use some overseas manufacturing (along with 2 local ladies) these days but they are made to my specifications wth my own patterns and designs. I keep them in stock in my home I sell direct to you with easy returns and exchanges.

I am always on the lookout for other manufacturers who make great quality products that are great for the beach. I do not sell many products but the ones I do you can be sure they are the very best available.  Such as Doggles Eyewear, Stunt Puppy Lifejackets , and our Australian Aussie Pet Products toys. 

Here is Captain in my very first attempt at making him a drying Coat! and some of my other patterns. Kitchen bench modelling by Tinkerbell and me and India on her first ever trip to the beach.


Sadly my beautiful boy Captain left me in 2018 at the age of 17. Tinkerbell followed in 2020 also aged 17.  I still have 2 dogs, my little Terrier 'Mouse and my new Groodle girl ‘India’ 

Me and my team on the beach last summer









On our local beach near Perth in Western Australia, with cute little Mouse and my beautiful girl India.

Captain is always with me. Every time I sell a robe it is great way of celebrating his life. I include a secret hug in each robe.

This is Captain in his prime.. looking out at the ocean. My beautiful boy.

Every photo on my website is either my dogs or has been shared generously by customers. No paid influencers! They are not models, just genuinely happy customers!  It is their support, feedback, photos and referrals that has made Surfdog Australia a success.  

I take great pleasure in making you and your dogs happy.

Sara, Mouse, India and always with me.... Captain x