Our Story!

Surfdog Australia

In 2010 I was on the beach in Western Australia, with my 3 great Surfdogs.  I just looked in wonder at the dogs enjoying the pure joy of life and the beauty of the beach.   How could I capture this? So I set out to  create products to celebrate the joy of dogs on the beach ) - to provide surfdogs everywhere with beautiful surf inspired products that actually worked. Products that respected the integrity of dogs and their owners, practical and good looking, not just decorative! Products with attention to detail and design.Something more than mass produced 'stuff' . Surfers have great products.. why shouldn't surfdogs??

After 18 months of designing, testing and sourcing Surfdog Australia became our registered trademark.  I have put a lot of love into our brand with the patience and cooperation of my 3 great dogs.

To this day Surfdog Australia remains a small business operating from Perth in Western Australia, with just me and my pack of 3 dogs who tolerate modelling for endless hours and product testing like pro's!   I hope to bring dogs and their owners a little joy - my greatest reward is happy customers, and I love to meet your Surfdogs!

We hope you will join our Facebook page and share with our many friends who celebrate the joy that is DOG!

Our growing pack includes customers from all over the world who crave a little of our Aussie lifestyle.  

With thanks and love to our 3 great surf dogs (who you will see on these pages) - Captain, Tinkerbell and Mouse