The Story Of Surfdog Australia

Surfdog Australia


SurfDog Australia is a one woman, 3 dog business in Western Australia. 

In 2010 I made a towelling coat for my boy ‘Captain’ to dry him and protect my car from soggy doggy damage on trips home from the beach.  Seems everyone loved them so it gave me an idea for a business. Starting with my robes then slowly designing more beach friendly products, getting inspiration from the surf industry. Dogs love the beach - how come they didn't have a cool brand like the surfers? And quality mattered. There are so many bad quality products generally and dog items seem to one of the worse.  Initially I made everything at home on my own sewing machine I now continue to create my own products, in Australia whenever possible. Please read more about this on the seperate link.

I am neurotic about quality.  I am also obsessive about service!  Surfdog Australia products are my products and in stock at my home, to sell direct to you with easy returns and exchanges if you are not happy.

For all my Surfdog Australia products I cut and shape my patterns around Aussie dogs and then I approve samples and test them and shape them again to ensure a good fit. Thanks to my dogs, my friends dogs, and customer feedback, I fit as many shapes and sizes as possible. 

It is important to me to have good looking products, but they must be practical - there is not enough room in the world for anymore 'stuff'.  I also love and respect dogs and want them to have products with integrity. 

In addition to my own designs I now sell some great products from other manufacturers but they have to be exceptional. If a product does not bear my Surfdog Logo you know it is made by another supplier. But I buy these items in. I stock these items, I ship direct to you with the same easy returns and exchanges and you can always contact me if you need advise. Most importantly I do not drop ship - I could never do this to my customers.

Sadly my beautiful boy ‘Captain’ left me in 2018 at the age of 17. I still have 3 dogs, including my new Groodle puppy ‘India’ but ‘Captain’ is always with me. Every time I sell a robe it is great way of celebrating his life. I include a secret hug in each robe!

I always ask for photos, every photo on my website is either my dogs or has been shared generously by customers. No paid influencers! They are not models, just genuinely happy customers!  Every time I see a dog in a robe it brings back happy memories of my boy Captain. 

I have the most wonderful customers.  It is their support, feedback, photos and referrals that has made Surfdog Australia a success.

I take great pleasure in making you and your dogs happy.

Sara, Tinkerbell, Mouse, India and always with me.... "Captain" xx