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Dog Lifejackets 

Yes this is the best Dog Lifejacket in the World. The term ‘dog lifejacket’ gives you the idea of of a product that will help your precious dog safe in water. Thing is most Dog LifeJackets will not, and they could even put your dogs life at risk. There are no safety standards for dog products. There is no testing. There is no governing body to prevent the sale of goods which do not meet the purpose for which they are sold.  At Surfdog Australia our only priority is the dogs. We sell the only life jacket designed for the purpose of saving your dog in the water, helping lift him from the water, and ensuring he will have additional floatation to help him have fun. They are made in a factory that makes lifejackets for the Navy. We import these dog jackets from New Zealand where they were orginally designed although they are now owned and made by Stunt Puppy in the USA

We do not embroider or print names on lifejackets. You cannot sew through floatation fabric and there is very limited space between the multiple articulated panels to print.

The dog swimming position is very similar to humans. Lying in the water trying to keep our heads up. Consider for a moment yourself in the water, struggling to swim, fighting with big waves, and you’re wearing a life jacket which consist of some foam strapped to your back? Being suspended from a piece of foam which probably weighs less than 2% of your body weight is just not going to do anything. And then you also usually have to cope with a bit of foam flapping around your neck stressing you out as your struggle to paddle like hell to stay afloat!  Most lifejackets stitch a handle on top fabric which is useless is it will  rips under the weight of your dog. 🤦‍♀️ 

This is the only Dog Lifejacket with an Enclosed lifting Harness to safely lift your dog from the water and a padded chest panel between the front legs to stop them slipping out and give vital head support in water. The only Dog  lifejacket with full floatation and support (not just straps) under the ribs and on the chest, between the legs  to ensure your dogs head stays above water.

The Stunt Puppy patented Dog Lifejacket is a combination of structural design, material choices and careful construction, designed to provide a secure, ergonomic and comfortable fit and balanced flotation for joyful, confident doggy paddling.

  • 7 sizes in stock now. We have from XS chihuahua’s - XL for Leonbergers!
  • unique enclosed lifting Harness which the lifejacket is created around, to securely lift the dog from the water 
  •  9 articulated panels (so they can bend to the shape of your dog) to mirror the shape of your dog to ensure he can swim freely in water. 
  • No flapping necks panels
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft issue
  •  the handle is not just attached to fabric but to a completely independent harness to ensure safe and comfortable lifting of even the heaviest dig
  • floatation chest panel between the front legs to prevent dogs slipping out and provide crucial head support while in water. Its conventional counterparts have an open gap between the front legs, potentially causing their heavy head and chest area to sink. This Dog Lifejacket's closed design allows for better buoyancy, security, and comfort while being lifted, with flotation in the under-chest panel providing support to the heavier shoulder area and raising the head to remain above water. 

Dog Lifejacket sizing see below

We make sizes from XS for Chihuahua’s to XL for Larger dogs like Newfoundlands. 

Dog Lifejacket SIZING.

Our sizing is based primarily on the weight and dimensions of your dog’s body. Because the shaping and dual adjustments help absorb deep chests, broad shoulders and all kinds of variance in shape we suggest looking at the weight indications and the shape references in our SIZING CHART BELOW as a starting point.  

We love scruffy faces, fluffy tails and know your dog might have unusually long or short legs, but because we’re not making hats and pants (yet), we really focus on their torso shape when fitting Float Doggy. Compare them to the general body types in the sizing chart if not the specific breed. 

* when checking size remember the Jacket is designed to fit the torso of your dog so do not worry if the back measurement is shorter than your dogs full back length

Jacket measures at neck

Chest adjusts from - to

Suggested KG weight Jacket Back Length* Measures BREED LIKE A ....
XS  36
3-6 22 Toys and Tiny Terriers e.g. Maltese, Toy Poodle
SMALL 32 46-55 6-12 30 Foxies, Westies, Mini versions of Poodles Schauzers
SMALLW 40 55-65
9-14 30 Frenchies, Boston Terrier, Mini Golden Doodles, Beagle, Manchester Terrier
68-80 15-24 38 Medium Breeds e.g. Border Collie, Heeler; Medium Pointer or Vizsla, Bulldog
70-90 24-45 45 Labrador, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Larger Pointer Type Hounds e.g.
XL 70
80-110 45-85 56 GermanShepherd, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler



Surfdog Australia and Stunt Puppy Lifejackets from Sara Holton on Vimeo.


If you’re unsure or confused email us at and we’ll do our best to help out: 

--Please include a photograph of your dog, standing side on to the camera so we can best help you. 

--If you include a neck measurement take it where their neck starts to join their body where the jacket will sit 

--If you are including a girth measurement, measure around behind the front legs 

--No need to measure nose to tail, just from the top of their shoulders to their tails is fine


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