Aussie Dog Toys

Aussie Dog Toys

I just love these toys. Dog Toys that float, designed with integrity to last and be safe for your dog.

Sick and tired of crappy (sorry couldn't think of a better word!) toys made in china.  Fed up of spending $100's each year on toys that are useless? I just cant do it anymore and I will not stock bad products.

All the toys in this range are made with integrity. The products must be safe, non-toxic, and durable. Secondly, the products must stimulate the dog’s natural instincts of taste, smell, noise, touch and sight. Products confirming to strict design principles to keep your dog safe.

Frisbees are a good example - most become brittle with UV exposure and can cause  gum injuries. So the disc in this range is made of UV safe materials to overcome this issue. 

Dogs are family so keep them safe with products that cannot hurt them. If you think you are saving money by purchasing a cheaper product that you know will be destroyed in a short period of time then consider what the cost of a trip to your local Vet! 

Give them a go and you will appreciate the simple integrity and quality of these toys.