Aussie Dog Frisbee

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 The Best Dog Frisbee

You know how you walk around the pet shop and wonder which toy you dog will love most. This is Indias favourite. When we go to the beach every other dog wants it too!
The Aussie Dog Frisbee has been extensively tested by our girl India. Its not your average Frisbee its specially designed for dogs.  Its superior materials and construction, resistant to UV exposure and designed for easy pickup, make it the ideal flying and floating toy for dogs. Not a human frisbee that will crack and break.


Floating dog toys by Aussie Dog for safe interactive play

The toys in the Interactive range are not indestructible! They are designed for interactive games of fetch and tug with the owner. After play, Put away.  If a dog is left with the toy they may chew the toy, please supervise your dog with the toy.