Dog Rashies

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Dog Rashies

Dog Rashies offer 50+ UPF protection, heightened visibility, and unrestricted motion for dogs. These sleeveless vests are crafted from lycra with superior stretchability and are odour-resistant and machine washable. Tailored to fit all sizes of Australian dogs. Dog Rashies provide ultimate comfort. An adjustable tail loop even ensures a secure fit. Custom-printed names are also available. Renowned among Dock Dogs globally, this innovative product can be a lifesaver for owners of shaggy breeds, reducing coat sand loading that can lead to mats.

Pink/Burgundy, NayBlue/Sky Blue, Yellow/Red, and The Aussie! (red, white and blue)

Dog Rashie Custom Print Service. We charge just $12 for this service. Perfect for upcoming surfing stars. Or alert others that your dog is at work!

Just select YES ($12 additional charge applies) and add a name in the box provided. Please allow up to an extra 5 business days for this service although it usually much quicker than this! Select NO if you do not need this service

Perfect for Dogs with disabilities or behavioural problems and for assistance dogs to indicate they are at work.

We don't make 'toy' Rashies. These are human grade quality Rashies that just happen to be made for dogs.

  • 50+ UV sun protection 
  • recommended by vets
  • Give High Visibility 
  • Shaped for maximum coverage - and respecting toileting needs!
  • Quality stretch lycra
  • Odour resistant and easy to wash fabric     
  • Sleeveless to ensure free movement
  • Tail loop to hold in place along back   
  • Human quality Dog Rashies
  • Helps stop sanding loading in long haired dog
  • Custom printing for $14 extra

Dog Rashie Sizing

 Our Dog Rashies are recommended by vets! Yes that is Dr Harry!

Sun Protection for dogs - Dog Rashies Dog Rashies sun protection for dogs. Surfdog Dog Rashies, tested and made around Aussie dogs for perfect fit and comfort.



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