Dog Rashies


Dog Rashies 

Dog Rashies by Surfdog Australia designed to protect Ausie dogs from the harsh beach sun. Tested by Aussie dogs for perfect fit and comfort. Surfdog Rashies offer UV50 protection lycra - just like a human Rashie. No sleeves to restrict movement and to prevent chaffing - essential for active dogs. Easy to put on without fastenings. 

The tail loop helps keep them in place when swimming or running on the beach. Perfect for lighter coated dogs and for long haired dogs where the fur separates when wet exposing delicate skin

New Colours Pink and Blue 

Our Rashies are also FURGUARDS which are especially good for long haired dogs, like our Groodle India.  They help stop sand loading in the coat!

Dog Rashies

  • 50+ UV sun protection
  • High Visibility 
  • Made using quality lyrca
  • Fast drying
  • odour resistant and easy to wash fabric     
  • made without 'sleeves' to ensure free movement
  • tail loop to hold in place along back      

Not just for the beach, our Dog Rashies are been worn by Surfdogs in Street Parades, Charity walks, surfing competitions and even for protecting post surgical Surfdogs from chewing their stitches. Our Dog Rashies are also a big hit with Dock Diving dogs giving them that streamlined edge!

Go for a tight fit especially in water as the fabric will soften and loosen. Just like a human rashie. Use the size guide to help. Never a problems with exchanging or refunding if you are not happy, as long as the garment is returned in a clean, perfect condition. 

Dog Rashies Sizing

If not quite sure .. double check here! (order without fear we always exchange or refund)




If you are repeat ordering double check the sizes as they have changed!



yellow only


yellow only

pink & blue 


yellow, pink, blue     


yellow, pink, blue

NECK 22-28 28-34 34-42 35-50 46-62
CHEST 25-42 40-48 46-60 60-80 75-90
BACK       24-34


      40-50        50-65     70-80
Approx KG up to 5kg up to 10 kg up to 16kg up to 25kg  25kg +


Breed types suggestions

XXS    = mini Dachshund, Tea cup poodle, Papillon

XS       = Cavoodle, Cavalier, Jack Russell, Poodle

S          = Mini Labradoodle, French Bulldog, Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Spoodle

M          =  Kelpie, Border Collie, Pointer, Smaller Labs, Staffy, Bulldog, Medium  Groodle/Labradoodle, Boxer, Dalmation, Smaller Retrievers       

L/XL     =   Goldens Retriever, German Shepherds, Standard Groodle 



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