Sunscreen for Dogs

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A soft barrier cream, which helps shield the sun against our hot Aussie Conditions that is so easy to apply, Doggie Pink Noze stays on for days. Your dog will quickly accept the scent free application and due to its absorbing quality, you do not need to apply daily. Although it is called 'Pink Noze',  the cream is suitable for all noses, even black ones can suffer from sun, sometimes becoming dry and crusty, they contain no melatonin like human skin. It is also good for tips of ears and anywhere where fur is thin or separated.

NRG Doggie Pink Noze is a natural, shield cream for dogs sensitive skin areas. Developed specifically for hot, dry and windy Australian conditions, Doggie Pink Noze contains Vitamin E and natural oils, with no harmful chemicals. This cream contains no Zinc which can be toxic to dogs. Titanium Dioxide, (as used in many dog foods) is used the create a barrier. 

Simply apply to sensitive skin areas around the nose, eyes, head, ears or where necessary. NRG Doggie Pink Noze can last for several days and does not need washing off between applications.


Natural shielding cream helps to block uv rays
Contains Vitamin E and natural oils
Fragrance free
No harmful chemicals
Water resistant and lasts for days
Suitable for all animals

Note: As with all creams and balms, we advise testing on a small area first to ensure there are no skin reactions.


Natural Oils

CI 77891 Powder as used in Dog and Animal Foods

Vitamin E


Mineral Pink Colouring