The Scarf

Free Gift

Trying to make a few new products of beautiful quality for my customers to enjoy. Dog lovers, beach lovers or just for you who like unique hand crafted beahtiful things.

And with Christmas coming I think these will be the perfect solution for many of you.

Scarfs are incredible! I have learnt so many ways you can to use mine apart from just enjoying the soft feel of cashmere to snuggle you warm on winter days or on summer evenings. Great for windy days to protect your hair, and to shade your face from the sun. Perfect to fold into handbags when you do not want to take a jacket or grotty cardi!  And of course.. we have all got use to the Covid mask. well if you have forgotten yours a double fold will give you the designer version

No matter what you have on you can add a beautiful scarf to add style and colour to any outfit.

Those of you that know me will know my gorgeous girl India has her own instagram page @india_the_groodle.  My husband is a photographer and we have been trying to think of ways to use these beautiful images as opposed to just posting to instagram!

So here I am please to present the first of my limited range of Cashmere (mixed with Modal cotton) scarfs.

I have 20 in stock now - if they have sold out when you order please preorder as we have more stock coming.

At the moment I am doing India (the Groodle) but watch this space for more additions.

Scarfs are fine and soft.

Measure 190cm x 130 cm

Perfect as a neck scarf or full wrap or even luxurious sarong.