Greyhound Dog Drying Coats

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Surfdog Dog Drying Coats.

Australia’s original dog drying coat from Surfdog Australia in Perth, Western Australia. Stays light when wet, no shrinkage or snagging. Dog drying coats made for dog comfort, no fiddly fastenings or velcro. Micro-fibre  stays light when wet and wicks water away from coats. Wrap up soggy dogs before they shake to protect cars and homes.


Fits backs 65-85 and necks up to 50cm. Shaped for Greyhounds.

Dog Drying coats dry whole dog without knots, including bums and tummies! 8 sizes perfectly shaped and tailored for breed types perfect comfortable fit. 

Our Drying Coats are not just a folded towel with a hood. They have been tested and fitted on 1000’s of dogs worldwide over last 11 years. All the photos in our store are provided by customers and this how we constantly check the fit. They come direct from us in Perth Western Australia.

8 beautiful plain colours, deep pile fabric for absorbency. 

In answer to your questions..??

Do you make with patterns?  No!  There's only one way to have a patterned towel - the fabric has to be printed. Fabric that is printed has to be thinner and flatter which is not good for absorbency.

Do you use cotton? No! Bamboo and Cotton towelling has loops which snag and pull, they have lower absorbency and get heavy when wet. They can also shrink and just do not last as long. We know because we have tested them all.

How long  do you take to deliver?.  All stock items are here with us in Western Australia so we usually send same or next day. Embroidery takes us a couple of days extra depending on how busy we are.

How do you put on? I always put my hand through the front of the hood fold the coat back a bit on my arm, put hand gently on my dogs head, and pull the coat down her back with the other hand. Pop her tail through the tail hole and then fasten the belt around the tummy. No buttons, no zips, and definitely no velcro 


  • superior micro fibre - loop free pile, does not snag, catch or shrink
  • Dries super quick without knots and tangles
  • Save the trauma of hair dryers or towel chasing!
  • Toweling acts as as a snuggly warmer 
  • Easy throw on and secure - no leg holes or sleeves
  • Wraps right around including bums and tummies
  • No Velcro, zips, buttons or fiddly fastenings
  • Tail Hole allow your dog to feel confident as can display tail
  • Designed to stay in place and not slip
  • Easy risk free buying - I sell direct

  • Colours

    Yellow, Red, Purple

    Surfdog Dog Drying Coats name embroidery

    If you would like us to embroider just enter your dogs name in the box and we automatically add the $15 charge

    On embroidery orders, we allocate a tracking number and let you know your order in on its way but please allow up to about 6 business days for tracking to be updated as they leave our workshop. If you need urgently please contact me direct!

    Sorry but no returns on Embroidered coats.

    Towelling Coat Sizing

    These coats are made just for Greyhounds.. for other dog sizes please go to our main Drying Coat page. you can find on our home page

     TIP - when your dog puts on his robe, put his tail through the hole and pull the robe forward before fastening - to allow more room for movement at the front and to shorten the back length.










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