FAQ About our Drying Coats..

Dog Drying Coat questions??

Whats so special about our drying coats? The fabric, the style, the multiple sizes...
  • Well.. we made the first ever drying coat 12 years ago.. before anyone else had thought of it! Out of a need to dry our Golden boy and to protect our car, after trips to the beach.
  • 9 sizes so they fit incredibly well
  • we do not use velcro (which is horrid with fur and sand) so they will last a long time!
  • Our drying coats offer twice as much drying power and cover much more wet dog than other drying coats.
  • They come in a deep pile cuddly micro fibre towelling offering higher absorbency and greater drying power than Cotton or Bamboo.
  • Fabric has cut threads and not loops - to prevent snagging and shrinking
  • We make 8 sizes ( to ensure they are comfortable) and colours
  • we shape the coats to fie around necks, tummies and bums.. this is not just a folded towel
  • We deliver direct from our home in Western Australia
  • Easy returns and exchanges .. just in case
Do you use cotton or Bamboo??  (now this is important)
Cotton and Bamboo both get too heavy when wet as they hold the water against the coat. This fabric has a loop structure which means water is held into the loop and taken back to the surface of the fabric. Our fabric is made of 1000's of soft extra long cut microfibers that suck water away from the coat. Think of it like 1000's of tiny fingers drying your dog, each thread wicking the water away from the skin along the fibres. Towelling with loops is a nightmare as it can snag and shrink and the water just stays in the circle of the loop as opposed to being pulled away from the skin.  There's a reason a lot of towels are made with the loop weave.. they are much cheaper to make.

Do you make with patterned toweling? 

No! To apply print to the fabric it has to be thinner and the pile shorter, which is not good for absorbency. When fabric is printed the dye process also reduces the absorbency. Printed toweling just does not work! Our Drying Coats are 'deep dyed' ... they are submerged in dye not printed. We do recommend you wash your coat seperately for the first wash.

My dog hates wearing coats how will he go with your drying coat? Are they easy to put on??

Its all about putting them on easily so your dog does not get stressed.  We made ours as easy as possible to put on without any fiddly buttons (which can pop open! Zips or velcro) Putting a drying coat on easily means your dog doesn't really notice so won't have a chance to stress..  (a lot of customers use them as thunder shirts, and report their dogs 'smile' when they wear them) Just put your hand through the front of the hood, put hand gently on your dogs head, and pull the coat down the back with the other hand. Pop tail through the tail hole (the hole helps keep the coat in place and means coat can sit below tail to dry bums!) and then fasten the belt around the tummy. No buttons, no zips, no sleeves, and definitely no velcro that gets blocked with sand fur and floof and stops working very quickly! Our Drying Coats are also shaped to fit and we consider that your dog needs to move and be comfortable!

What happens if it doesn't fit or I don’t like it? 
We have really easy returns and exchanges with full refunds.  This only gets complicated if you ask for custom embroidery which are non returnable.