Dog Raincoats In answer to your questions..

Whats different about your dog raincoats?

Well first of all they are made for Aussie dogs so they will fit. Most dog products come from China where they think large dogs are the size of a Cocker spaniel. So please check size chart!!! We make dog raincoats in all sizes from tiny XS, to Greyhound to super large for the Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain dogs.. we love all dogs!

In China they also make things for the US and Northern Europe so they tend to have warm linings which we rarely need.

We've been making raincoats for 8 years. It has taken us all these years to perfect the design (fabric, colours and shape) and make 8 shaped sizes to fit all dogs. 
With the help of customers photographs we have refined the shape and sizing to give ultimate protection and comfort in the rain. Our main concern is the dogs.. we want them to stay dry, we want them to be comfortable and we want them to be free to move.

Does my dog need a raincoat wont it get too hot?

Thats why we made our raincoat lightweight.  Raincoats are great to keep your dogs dry reducing the need for baths and drying... and a lot of dogs don't like the rain! Our raincoats are one of the very few that are available that do not have a warm lining. We make ours for Aussie Dogs who rarely need extra warmth but they are roomy enough to add a jumper inside if you did need extra warmth. 

I had one before and it was too small - why will yours fit better?

We make products using Australian dogs of all sizes.  The majority of sellers these days buy direct from China and have nothing to do with the design of the garments they are selling. In fact a lot just drop ship and often have never even seen the product.. these are the ones mostly on ebay.

Are your dog raincoats waterproof?

Yes the fabric is waterproof and the seams are also sealed to prevent leakage. These 

What if I pick the wrong size? It is very important to us that you are happy and satisfied with your purchase so it is easy to exchange or return for a refund.. the only exception to this is when we have custom embroidered. If you are not sure we recommend not getting embroidery

How long do you take to deliver?.  We are in Western Australia so we usually send same or next day. Embroidery takes us a couple of days extra depending on how busy we are.

Yes they may cost a bit but they are darned good!