We have a selection of harnesses that we have tried and tested to give you the best control and your dog the best comfort.

There are so many harnesses out there at the moment...mostly dominated by people selling direct from China with glossy instagram marketing and paid for reviews! These harnesses look good but I have checked them all and the quality is very hit and miss and you will have to wait weeks for shipping from China (despite what the ad may say!) will little or no customers service should you need to exchange or return.

I am trying to develop the best harness I can to sell but in the meantime I am selling what I have tested and have decided they are the best option on the market right now. Great strong material and hardware.  Really good ergonomic design meaning the will be comfortable for your dog, are made for ease of movement, and will help you to have a great experience with your dog. Most of all I want them to be good for your dog!