Dog Harnesses Huskimo Harnesses

Dog Harnesses. We are working on our own design of harness but for now the best in the market is the Huskimo dog harness.

We have tried so many Dog Harnesses and even bought some on ebay (OMG! how terrible!!) and have settled on the Huskimo Dog Hareness range for comfort, quality and durability.. and good looks of course!
Buy 2 harnesses from our Harnesses collection and we will automatically take 20% off at checkout.

The Ultimate is a well built harness for medium and large dogs.

The Easy Fit is a comfy soft harness for small and medium dogs. But is different to most as it so well made using the best materials to make it great for you and your dog!


Both of these blow other harnesses out of the water for quality and design.. don't be tempted to buy on ebay anything under $30 will be hopeless and you will waste your money!! When buying harnesses it is the construction and design you need to look at not the pretty pattern of the fabric.

Never a problem with us to exchange of refund if no good which is super important as your harness must fit or it will be bad for you and your dog