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Long Sleeved Dog Rashie

We’ve had a lot of enquiries this year from customers asking for more body cover in a Rashie. So we thought we would have a go. Here is our first long sleeve Rashie available in three sizes and three colors. Please let us know if you need more. We will continue to develop this design as more customers give us feedback, so watch this space! 

Name printing just select yes or no and leave name in box provided. We charge an additional $12 for this service.

So why do you need a Dog Rashie?

1. Most people want to buy a Rashie to get the dog sun protection this is the ultimate covering tummies completely. We also have a singlet style Rashie which gives good coverage but it leaves legs free it just depends you on you and your dog

2. The reason we use a dog Rashie is to protect our Groodle from sand loading when we go to the beach. I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it has made if for us to take her there. She longer comes back full of sand which takes hours to remove and is quite distressing for both of us. And of course she does look incredibly cute and makes us smile and get lot of comments!

3. Reducing anxiety with a snug fit it puts a gentle pressure on your dog which is known to give a calming affect and it's a lot more comfortable than a Thunder suit.

4. Medical uses can be used to replace bulky uncomfortable medical cones and cover-ups for wound and surgical site so we can hotspot. It can also be useful with allergies and skin diseases but we would recommend you consult your vet before using it for any of these reasons.

5. Along with UV protection especially for white dogs or those with thin coats, it can reduce exposure to allergens keeping coats clean and can help protect against ticks and other pest.

6. Help control shedding. The rashie contains loose hair so can come in useful if you have a very clean car or you're going to visit friends who are worried about this!

7. Puppy Whelping. Some breeders choose to use this garment to help puppies leave them by removing access to feeding.

About the Dog Long Sleeved Rashie

The light weight spandex fabric is breathable with a 4 way stretch to ensure your dog is cool and comfortable also allows the doctor move freely.

Easy to put on and take off. To put on just put front legs through the sleeves leave making sure the super is on the tummy side. Insert the front legs then the back legs and then zip carefully up. The zipper should run from Chest to tail and the dog should be fully covered except for the feet and bum.  It's meant to fit snuggly so just take care when zipping up.

How should it fit? It is meant to fit snuggly around the dog to make make it comfortable and sure it stays on if it is too loose on the back legs they may come out of the sleeve so make sure the length looks good. It is supposed to fit tightly around the tummy so  just take care when stepping on zipping.

Toileting? You can zip the zipper down as far as you need and leave open to allow easy toileting - no problem with pooping as the bum is arrow arrow is open!

Washing.  Do up Zipper. Turn inside out and wash on cold or warm wash.Machine Washable and will not shrink. We suggest a seperate wash to begin with.



M 50-60CM 60-70
L 60-68CM 65-80
XL 68-76CM 70-85


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