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Dog Life Jackets

The Stunt Puppy Dog Lifejackets. 

This unique design is the only fully enclosed dog life jacket  available. Based on experience in designing whitewater gear with the aim of making a human grade life jacket for dogs. No shark fins, no glitter, no gaping hole under the chest, no velcro; just ergonomic fit, balanced buoyancy and a secure lifting harness.


  • Conventional jackets are open between the front legs, which can cause the heavy head and chest area to sink and fall through that gap - so we closed it with a continuous articulated chest and belly panel
  • The enclosed design is better for buoyancy, security and comfort, particularly when being lifted
  • Flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps keep the head higher in the water
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft issue

Trimmed And Articulated Panels To Create A More Streamlined Fit

  • Conventional jackets are mostly rectangular with a curve around the neck because that’s cheaper to produce, but rectangles don’t fit around the curves of a dog and single piece buoyancy foam is stiff and awkward
  • Every panel on the Float Doggy is curved to mirror the shape of a dog's body
  • Each Float Doggy panel is articulated for flexibility to improve comfort and movement and give streamlined fit
  • Float Doggy panels uses different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulk
  • Independent front and rear adjustments allow for different body shapes
  • For best visibility in and around the water we made the top panels brighter and placed waterproof reflective tape on the handle right on top for beacon-like visibility
  • Sizing

Cat Lifejackets. We even have a size for cats! Yes some cats love Kayaking!

Quick Size Guide

  • Start by looking and weight and breed  
  • then look at 2nd chart to ensure your dogs neck and chest cm's fit within the recommended size.

The peculiarities of doggy proportions and the fickle nature of buoyancy foam make sizing yourself for a Float Doggy an art and a science. 

Match your measurements to the actual geometry of the lifejacket. You should get closest to the size of your dog. A snug fit prevents the jacket moving around as your dog swims.

MINI 1-3 Teacup Types.. Chihuahua, Yorkie
XS  3-6 Toys and Tiny Terriers e.g. Maltese, Toy Poodle, Cats
SMALL 6-10 Foxies, Westies, Mini versions of Poodles, Schnauzers
SMALLW 10-14 Frenchies, Boston Terrier,  Beagle, Manchester Terrier, Westies
MEDIUM 14-22 Finer built breeds like a Small Kelpie, Mini Groodle, Vizsla, Whippet, Beagle, Springer, 
MEDIUMW                                                               18-28 Sturdier built breeds, Border Collie, Heeler; Medium Pointer or Vizsla, Bulldog, Medium Groodle 
LARGE 28-44 Labrador, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Larger Pointer,  Standard Groodle, Doberman, Greyhound
XL 45-85 German Shepherd, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Rottweiler


cm’s Neck maximum  Girth adjust from-to

Torso length of jacket

Should cover the rib cage

MINI 25 22-32 18
XS 32 36-51 22
S 34 46-62 30
SW 38 56-72 30
M 42 50-78 40
MW 46 70-95 40
L 52 70-95 48
XL 70 82-112 58


If you are still unsure, please get in touch with us at and provide us with the measurements and if possible a photo of your dog so we can see what we're aiming for. The best photos are taken side on to the camera, standing, so we can get a clear view of the torso



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