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Dog LifeJackets/Floatation vests


These jackets were originally designed in New Zealand by a kayaker whose dog fell in the water and he could not pull him out.  One of the most important ways of keeping your dog safe in water is to make sure you are able to safely lift him quickly out of the water without him slipping from your grip. A harness where the handle is strong and centered over the heaviest part of the body.  Add this to dog shaped floatation that fits really well without flapping around in the water, and you have the ultimate lifejacket. 

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There's loads of information below about how to choose a lifejacket for your dog. Bet you wont read it all?  But your dogs safety is a serious business so understanding what is involved in the manufacturing of this lifejacket may help you decide.

Main Differences Of this Dog Life Jacket/floatation vest

The Fully Enclosed Harness 
You may not have thought about this? But the main benefit of putting your dog in a Lifejacket is that it enables you to lift him to safety quickly and easily when needed, out of the water, into the boat, back on the surfboard. This jacket has an integral reinforced lifting harness where the handle is strong and centered over the heaviest part of the body. When lifted from the water this prevents pressure on soft tissue areas of the tummy and throat. The harness works in harmony with the full chest support as just about every other jacket out there will pull up against your dogs neck. The harness has a slip proof handle and the chest coverage prevents your dog slipping though the jacket - particularly relevant for larger dogs!
  • The only dog lifejacket that is enclosed between the front legs - others are open between the front legs
  • Enclosed is better for buoyancy, security and comfort, particularly when being lifted
  • Flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps keep the head higher in the water
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft tissue

Curved and Articulated Panels create a more streamlined fit

Made of multiple panels (9 in fact) to mould to the shape of your dog, most jackets only have 5 and many only have 3 or 4 (for box shaped dogs).  More panels give a better, more comfortable fit, and greater strength. This streamlines movement in the water to allow maximum floatation, and does not impede swimming movement. Your dog is more likely to wear a jacket he doesn't notice it and fit therefore is vital.

  • Every panel is curved to mirror the shape of a dog’s body
  • Each panel is articulated for flexibility to improve comfort and movement and give a streamlined fit
  • Panels use different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulk
  • Independent front and rear adjustments allow for different body shapes

Chest Panel

This jacket has full chest support, meaning it covers your dog's chest completely, going between his legs and lifting his head out of the water and supporting the full front half of his body. This is the only jacket you can get with this feature, most have a collar like strip which tends to flap in your dogs face and can impede movement and vision. Without support under the chest, under body floatation is very limited and if you have to lift your dog with a handle all pressure will go on his rib cage and the soft tissue of his neck.

Dog Life Jackets that fit

Dogs are not shaped like a box, they are round and their bodies taper, and they have shoulders and ribs and muscles that all need to be considered in the shape of a life jacket

Here's a great Lifejacket for a box, it will flap around your dog and be uncomfortable and may even impede swimming.  It has bulky hard foam and can get heavy when wet. Most dog lifejackets are made in big factories in China and sold by multiple retailers who just want to sell you a cheap lifejacket.  The factories know nothing about floatation and even less about dogs. We could sell these too but we care too much about dogs. Our Lifejacket has 9 Panels to give perfect shape, fit and floatation. Yes, it may cost more but that is because it costs more to make! Owing to the multiple panels the bulk of the floatation material is reduced making it comfortable for your dog, he won’t know it is there!

Jackets have adjustment in chest and shoulders so work with weight first and double check the neck size. 
Back length is not so important as the vital thing is to have support at the front to keep your dogs head above water. Too much buoyancy at the rear can dip the head.
Use the weight and breed type to select your jacket.. the neck size is just a guide as the jacket sits below the neck. 
XS       3-6 max 40 small breeds  Mini poodle, Daschund, 
S       6-12 max 40 Fox terrier, Jack Russell, Westie
M      13-25 max 48 Kelpie, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmation
L      25-52 max 60 German Shepherd, Retreiver, Staffy
XL      50-75 max 70 Leonbergers


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