We keep all our products in stock and deliver direct. This means we can custom embroider your dog's name - we love to meet our customers.

Dog Lifejackets different to all the rest!

The only Dog Lifejacket designed by floatation experts. So many features to keep your dog safe in the water. The only Dog Lifejacket with full chest support and a secure lifting harness. Only the best for our dogs.

With Thanks to India The Groodle

Surfdog Australia is a small business started by me in 2010 to dry my Golden Boy and to save my car from his wet shakes. In 2020 I was joined by my beautiful girl India. She is the ultimate soggy dog, she gets damp from the morning dew let alone after a trip to the beach. A beautiful ambassador for Surfdog Australia. She is my mannequin, my quality control and my inspiration. You will see her featured thoughout our store, along with the 100's of photos sent to us by customers. We would love you to join us.

This is Surfdog Australia