Summer Beach Collars and Leashes

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Collars and Leashes for the beach with Marine Grade stainless steel clips and d rings.

Surfers' neoprene added at back of neck for comfort and quick release buckle.

Summer Collars and leashes are designed for medium to large dogs as they have a solid steel clip. For smaller dogs please checkout out our Surfdog Wave Collar and leashes which have a lightweight smaller clip.

Not your average collars.... its is very rare to find Stainless Steel hardware on collars and leashes. Why??? Because it cost a lot more to make! The d ring ( the bit you clip your leash on) actually costs us more to buy than the cost of most complete collars you will find in your local pet store or supermarket. The silver looks the same but the difference is that it is solid stainless steel (you can tell as it is a little heavier).  Most collar and leash hardware is made of zinc alloy with a shiny silver coating which looks good for a very short time and once rust gets into the zinc it totally breaks down very quickly. We could sell these and make a much higher margin.. but we wanted to make the best for our beach loving dogs. No metal is totally rust free... as boats will demonstrate but these will certainly last longer than the cheaper zinc alloy versions!

- lined with neoprene for stability and comfort

- quick release logo buckle

- marine Grade Stainless steel d rings - no rust 

- recommended for medium to Large dogs.. as the hardware is heavy

for small dogs try our Surf Wave collars and leashes which are beautiful!

Collars 25 cm wide

Small/Medium fits neck to       35-44cm

Medium/Large fits necks to     45-54cm

Leashes  are one size 115cm long and 2.5cm wide.