Some dogs swim like torpedos, others more like rocks but whatever your dog's swimming style if you're taking them out from the shore or into moving or cold water, they need a dog life jacket for their safety and yours.

We designed the Float-Doggy based on how dogs swim and how we change that when we take them out on our board, boat or favourite waterway. Here's four good reasons why your dog needs a Float Doggy Dog Life Vest: 

  • Dogs are sprinters, not stayers in the water. They go in and out of the water, fetching or chasing, with short rest periods where they put their paws down and rest. If they have to swim even a modest distance they will exhaust quickly and once that happens, they sink.
  • Moving or cold water is extra tiring. Swimming even modest distances in cold, moving or deep water is challenging for even the most capable doggy paddler. Exhaustion and hypothermia both limit your dog’s natural swimming ability.
  • We Are Changing The Behaviour Of Our Dog To Suit Our Adventures. The on-water environment has some new challenges for your dog. Balancing on a SUP or kayak, different smells and sounds, the changing energy of the people around them as adrenalin rises and falls all affect your dog. Fitting a comfortable, well-designed and well-fitted dog flotation vest will help him swim more comfortably for longer, and give you a secure harness in which to lift him if he struggles.
  • Dog Overboard Rescues Are Easier. Rescuing a struggling dog from the water can be difficult. Having some kind of secure, well-fitted lifting harness around your dog in the water makes it easier to hold and lift your dog. It reduces the risk of them swamping you, and makes the whole experience more comfortable for them.

So, now you know what to tell people who remark that their dog can swim so it doesn't need a jacket; and to extol the virtues of canine water safety at your next dinner party. Best of all you can claim rightful indignation and superiority of knowledge if someone should mutter about your dog wearing their jacket on your boat.