Discounts and offers


Surfdog Australia does not attract sales because we sell cheap products. We make quality products that customers buy because they want good long lasting products for their dogs. Yep we can up our prices and then give you a discount.. that's whats most sellers do, or they just sell direct from China and don't really care that much about what they sell as long as they make a couple of $'s per sale

Please do not bother with Coupon companies none of the codes they offer are active and most never have been they just want to steal your profile to pass on. 

Drying Coats are not seasonal and we do not work to enormous margins. We sell at the best price we can to achieve quality products and offer exceptional service.

We like to help Charities with donations. Get in touch.

We know a lot of you use our Drying Coats in your grooming, hydratherapy and dog sitting businesses we understand that when you buy a few it helps to save some $$. So if you need more than 4 coats, please get in touch with your requirements and we will see what we can do

We hope this helps and thank you so much for supporting us.

thank you