Discounts? Bulk Buying?

You can see what offers I have running at any time in the current offers page in my menu.
I do not generally discount my drying coats.  Only for the Black Friday Sale and then only on a few colours and sizes. And only because your ask me!

Please don’t wait for a sale. Whatever you do not try coupon companies who give you fake discounts then steal all your information!! I respect customers that buy in good faith. There is nothing worse than buying something and then finding it goes on sale the week after. And.... If you understood the hours, no actually the years! I have put into making my drying coats to be the very best, the hours pinning and cutting, the testing, the shaping, the stress of wondering if I have got it right and the sleepless night.. haha. shall I go on? I did not just go to China and put my name on a generic product! I made my first for love of a soggy golden boy that loved the beach and have refined and improved multiple time to make it the product you see today. Please take a look at my story  click here. Surfdog Story

Drying Coats are not seasonal and I do not work to enormous margins. I sell at the best price I can to achieve the quality product everyone has been enjoying for the last 10 years. If I could sell for less I would. To be honest, I cannot make enough to keep up with demand so if the colour and size you need is in stock then go for it!

However…. If you want to order 10+ coats (Drying Coats or Raincoats) you can save 15% off with code FRIENDS checkout. 

I am also like to help Charities with donations. Get in touch.

Occasionally I do support Dog Club events by offering short term discounts to enable them to have a bit of fun with their members. 

If you would like to use my coats in your grooming salon,  dog wash or hydrotherapy centre. Please get in touch by email at

I do not offer general wholesale pricing for retail stores. I sell direct only.

thank you