Surfdog Bandana

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I’ve had a lot of inquiries about bandannas. There’s an  awful lot out there the weight of a hanky that disappear when you wear them and they last 5 minutes.

I’ve made a few in pink blue and red but made them in a stronger water resistant fabric which doesn’t scrunch up when worn so it won’t cut into your dogs neck, and sits nicely on the chest.

Double thickness with wide seams around the edge to make them sit straight.

Perfect to spray on a bit of anti-mosquito spray to keep off those pesky bugs in the summer.

I have started to use India’s on her ears when she eats too!

Just a bit of fun but the quality is great a bit different to all the rest!

2 sizes

Small fits necks 30-38

Medium/ large fits necks to 60cm


Adjust length and neck by folding down the top seam!