Dog Leash - Extra Long

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"Those familiar with the ocean know that waves come in sets of three; usually the third wave is the largest, and for surfers, the best"

Our 3rd Wave Leash is designed for those that like to allow their dogs to have the chance to roam but also keeps them in control!  With 3 neoprene lined handles, the first handle gives your dog maximum roaming, the 2nd allows you to keep a bit more control and the 3rd handle is the strongest to pull your dog back to your side when needed.

Our 3rd Wave Leash is also great for dog training with the chance for you to pull your dog in on recall!

Please do not underestimate the clips on these leashes, the clip will outlive the fabric part of the leash, your dog, and most probably you!  Once you feel your leash has worn out, just keep the clip and add a new leash of your choice!

  • Total Length 2.4m
  • 2nd handle at 80cm
  • 3rd handle at 1.75 metres
  • All 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clip - no rust!
  • Neon bright colours!
  • Comfort Neoprene lining to all 3 handles.




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