Greyhound Raincoats


Greyhound Coats

Greyhound raincoats for Greyhounds and Whippets. Shower proof, windproof fabric, lightweight for Aussie conditions. Elasticated toggle hood - adjust to have around neck or face. Greyhound coats without nasty buttons or zips! Greyhound shaped to fit.

Greyhound and Whippet raincoats with hoods.

Please visit our Dog Raincoats page to check stock as we are taking preorders there for Greyhound sizes

Hi-visibility hoodless Greyhound rain coats

Towelling coats for Greyhounds (stop shivering after the beach )

Greyhound and Whippet Raincoats 

whippet 60-90 45-60
greyhound 4-50 45-55

Yellow Greyhound Raincoat with Hood

  • shower proof, windproof fabric
  • seams are sealed to prevent leaks
  • lightweight sports mesh lining - no overheating
  • hole at neck for harness/leash attachment to collar
  • no sleeves so easy to chuck on in a storm!
  • elasticated toggle hood - adjust to have around neck or face
  • no nasty buttons or zips!
  • shaped to fit!

Hi VIZ Greyhound Raincoat without hood

  • shower proof and windproof lightweight coat
  • provides maximum visibility with light reflective strips
  • lightweight sports mesh lining 
  • shaped to fit - no sleeves for free movement
  • sits high to prevent interfering with movement

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