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I have been looking for a good harness for years. I have even tried to make my own.  I will not stock anything just to sell it - it has to be an exceptional product. Now.. my daughter has a Staffie. A big boof head who is gorgeous with the muscles and strength of an Ox!   He has been terrible on the lead and she had stopped trying to take him for a walk as she just could not control him and just got pulled and hurt. She was also scared if another dog came along as although he was not aggressive his excitement caused him to be even more out of control.  Then I got her to try the Go Glo Harness made by Stunt Puppy. And OMG! It worked like magic.  Check them out in the movie - this is the first time they tried the harness. We just had to stock this harness as it is simply the best there is! 

There is no substitute for good training. We do not recommend the use of any harnesses or walking control that puts pressure on noses or pulls on necks. This harness will help you teach your dog to stop and remain controlled to give you a chance to praise him and encourage good behaviour for the long term.

  • When you need control a little extra tension on the leash causes the harness to tighten around the chest and legs (not the sensitive neck or nose!) which slightly reduces movement and magically pulls your dog to a halt. 
  • Goes on so easily .. bit like putting on a bra.. sorry guys....
  • Super comfy and can be altered easily to fit.
  • Perfect for night time walking with ultra reflective panels in the chest.
  • Super soft and fabulous quality with a comfy padded chest part.
  • When your dog is walking relaxed it fits lightly on his back allowing free movement, (so perfect for running)  
  • Stainless steel D ring for leash attachment
  • Flat cast mountaineering clips with maximum weight tolerance to allow adjustment in chest area for perfect fit

Three sizes covering dogs ranging from 7 to 50 kg.

SMALL fits girth 13 - 58cm (15"- 23")

MEDIUM fits girth 58 - 74cm (23"- 29") 

LARGE fits girth 74 - 94cm (29"- 37")

Which harness is the right size?

First - measure your dog's girth. What's girth you ask? Measure around your dog's chest just behind your dog's front arm pits.

The Breastplate

  • Provides structure and stability for the harness, reduces pressure points and holds the harness in place without the need to be restrictively tight
  • Made from durable, reflective fabrics with a soft mesh inner for comfort and visibility

The Martingale-Style Leash Attachment

  • Glides as you loosen and tighten the pressure on the leash. This can signal to your dog that it’s time to pump the breaks and check in with you, reducing pulling behaviour.
  • Sits over the top of the shoulder where you have the best body control and minimizes the fuss of leashes getting caught around the front legs. 

Along with safety, security and visibility the secret sauce of the Go-Dog-Glo harness is the combination of the breastplate and martingale attachment. The Go-Dog-Glo is designed for people who are looking for something that’s more secure or comfortable on some dogs than a collar or for a tool to help improve on-leash manners.

"It's a Miracle'

Peyton is my rescue and I didn't realize what a horrible puller he was until I adopted him. I took classes, read about techniques, quizzed dog walkers and tried multiple leashes and harnesses. Nothing worked, so I gave up trying to walk him around a lake or being near other dogs. The Go Dog Glo Harness turned a "no go" into "go dog go" and has changed everything for both of us. Now we are out and about among throngs of people and loving it. This harness fits him well (other harnesses did not) and I can easily handle him when he sees another dog. 
My favourite feature is the way the D ring is free to slide right to left allowing for flexibility. I finally feel in control. Great Harness. Really works. The pulling is greatly reduced.

Dee Jays Dad

“I now have for the first time a 2 year old Golden Retriever that I can walk and control. Every other harness I have purchased has just turned Dee Jay into a sled dog. These harnesses work brilliantly. So well made and really good value. I have recommended them to a Golden Retriever rescue group to assist them in exercising the rescues easily. Thanks again.”


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