Dog Toys - cuddle, tug and shake


Here is our choice of cuddle dog toys your dog will love - we tested them for cuddling,  shakeability and tugging power. All our dog toys have essential squeaker.. all dogs love to act like a clown! Great fabrics, and protective edging with thought to textile colour and design.  Great dog toys. Made from Natural durable fabrics.

Flying Duck Dog Toy

'India' and her sister fight over the duck.. it's got bits all over to nibble and tug and its really great to shake about in your mouth. Been left in the garden and been reticulated, rained on, sundried, pulled and chewed and still going strong.

  • Durable mesh lining for strength
  • Protective edging
  • Squeaker
  • Extra strong binding
  • Robe tassels to chew and pull
  • Furry bits to snuggle
  • 30cm long

Made from all natural materials.
Contains one squeaker.


Here's one to cuddle!

Your dog will love this colourful Snuggle Friends Mallard Duck. It's the perfect toy to cuddle in bed.

Made from all-natural materials, this Mallard Duck squeaks to entice play.

Measurements (L x W x H)

10cm x 7cm x 24cm

Tug and Throw Snake Dog Toy

Our Groodle loves her snake.. its like a big soft stick and brightly coloured so we can find it when she drops it behind the sofa! Great to tug and throw.. and run around with it in your mouth like a big moose and drop on mum and dad first thing in the morning if they don't get up as soon as their eyes open..A good looking fun toy.
  • Durable mesh lining for strength
  • 50 cm long .. so great for bigger dogs.. or hose with big attitudes.
  • Squeaker - got to have a squeaker!
  • Brightly coloured design
  • Protective edging
  • Extra strong binding
  • Multiple rows of reinforced stitching for an extremely durable toy
  • good to nibble textured tail