Dog Leash - BOARDIES "New Wave" Marine Grade Clip

Surf Dog

$17.95 $22.00
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Our Latest edition of our Boardies Quick Dry Dog Leashes in our small surfing dog design made of board short fabric.
  • Leashes are 110cm long and 25mm wide (44" - 1")
  • quick dry board short fabric
  • Best quality marine grade 316 stainless steel leash clips - good enough for ocean going sailers so should be good enough for our surfdogs!
  • comfortable neoprene lined leash handles 
  • 2 colours (pink and blue) 1 size for medium to large dogs 

With matching collars!

  • 3cm wide for comfort 
  • quick dry board short fabric  
  • quick release collar buckles

Fit Large and Medium dogs with necks from 45 - 62 cm (17" - 25")


Please do not underestimate the clips on these leashes, the clip will outlive the fabric part of the leash, your dog, and most probably you!  Once you feel your leash has worn out, just keep the clip and add a new leash of your choice!

We have chosen to use hardware and from a Marine Supplier made of Stainless Steel 316 as we wanted to use the best metal fixing we could. Most leashes use a zinc alloy clip which is coated with a thin coat of steel like finish. The coating soon comes away making the hardware look dull and this compromises the strength of the metal fixing as alloy is cast and tends to be brittle and prone to snapping. Marine Grade Stainless steel is made of solid steel with no coating. If corrosion does start to show you can lightly sand back with a fine nail file or emory board. We recommend the use of natural remedies, lime juice, vinegar or baking soda work well and can be applied with aluminium foil. The important thing about stainless steel is that the small amounts of rust that may occur will not compromise the strength of the metal hardware. Rinsing your collars and leashes in clean water and allowing to air dry helps is really important and we recommend taking quick action if you do start to see any small spots of rust.