Soothing Balm and Protecting Wax

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Wax type:  Soothing Balm


Soothe dry, cracked skin, paws and noses after long days at the beach.

50 grams of natural ingredients in each tin... (check out how much you pay for your face cream which usually comes in a 30 gram jar!)

no nasty chemicals,

no mineral oils,

no artificial colouring or preservatives 

no silicones (these make skin feel silky smooth but actually coat skin to stop the good stuff doing its job!) check out if you skin cream contains Dimethicone.. that’s silicone like you seal your bath with! 


  • Almond Oil - helps relieve irritation and itching
  • Shea Nut Butter Oil -  Anti fungal, rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins
  • Hemp Seed Oil -anti inflammatory and moisturising
  • Jojoba Oil - vitamins A and D and super charged moisturiser
  • Rosemary Extract - natural antiseptic and preservative
  • Candelilla Wax - from the candelilla shrub, intensely moisturising
  • Vitamin E - natural anti oxidant that nourishes, soothes and protects
  • buy a bulk pack of 3 tins for $45.00 or combine with our 'Captain's Wax' for maximum skin defence at a special price

It's 100% natural and safe to lick.

On hot summer days please keep Captains Wax and Soothing Balm in the fridge!