Dog Leash - Long 3 handles

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Dog Leash - 3 Handles

Dog Training Leash

The ultimate safe beach walking leash. Or dog training leash.

Don't you just hate in when you have to control your beach loving dog and pull him away from unfriendly dogs or get him to your car safely? 

Usually this involves wrapping the leash around your hand or trying to grab hold of the webbing which slips through your hands. Our 3 handled leash makes this a whole lot safer and more comfortable!

Bright Beach dog Leash with 3 handles (2.3cm). Super quality soft webbing, 3 comfort neoprene handles. First handle at the top same as a normal dog leash, 2nd allows you to keep in a heel position, 3rd to pull to safety should you need that control without the leash slipping or hurting your hand.

Leash is 2.3m x 2.5cm wide

We also nave a 2 handled shorter version you can view from the menu.

Add matching collar at special price. Fits necks 45cm - 65 cm.








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