Dog Life Jackets

Dog Life Jacket 

Dog Life Jackets - your dog will want to wear!

There is only one life jacket in this collection as it is the only one worth buying. We could stock a cheaper version and make a whole lot more money but life preservation is serious business.

With more and more dogs taking to the water we have been asked by many to find the best life jackets!  It has taken us a long time to find one we would use on our surfdogs and one that they will actually wear without feeling restricted and unhappy.

We have been down to the beach and tested just about every available style and have come back with what we believe is the best jacket you can buy.  We only stock one brand as dogs safety and is not worth messing around with by offering a cheaper option.

All dogs can swim we just want to give them a little extra support in the water to help them (and you!) surf for longer.



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