DOG CAR RESTRAINT - Ruff Rider Roadie

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A Dog Car Restraint designed from scratch for the purpose of securing your dog in the car in comfort. Would you secure your child in a car with an inadequate harness of collar and leash? If the 'car restraint' you use has any type of d ring, clip, or buckle that will be pulled on impact, if it is attached to the neck, it is not suitable for the purpose of car safety.  Ruff Rider Roadie is hands-down, the strongest, safest canine vehicle/ climbing harness in the world.

When I first used this Dog Seatbelt on my Groodle India it felt like securing my kids in the car. The soft and strong seatbelt fabric was wide and held her in all the right places. You just put it on before you get in the car and simply secure your dog with the seatbelt in your car. No clips, no rings, no buckles to fail. Just strong and secure seatbelt fabric. It is almost like a seat belt extension as if she was wearing a human seatbelt. I just knew she would be safe and she was very comfortable and accepting.  What a relief to know she is safe.

The Roadie Canine Vehicle Safety Harness allows your dog to sit, stand, or lie down safely while tethered to the vehicle seat belt system and remain safe in the vehicle during an accident or sudden stop.  Made in the USA with the fabric from the same factory that makes the seat belts for Ford Trucks in the USA. 

The short, walking leash on the back of the Roadie has two openings. 

Simply pass the vehicle seat belt through one of the openings (depending on if you want your dog to sit or lie)and clip the vehicle seat belt buckles together.

The opening on the leash closer to the dog will limit the amount of movement your pet is allowed. Pick the one that works best for you. This is one of the major differences between the Roadie and other car harnesses. Your dog is restrained by seat belt material in the harness which is then held by your own car seat belt. No standard webbing, clip, or rings that will fail on impact.

Roadie Features & Benefits:

  • Safety – Roadie’s Patented Figure Eight Design Channels Overload Forces To Your Dogs Clavical (Chest). The Strongest Part Of Your Dogs Anatomy. Making The Roadie Orthopedically Sound
  • Comfort – The Roadie Is Pleated Under The Armpits To Prevent Chafing And Is Ergonomically Correct. Roadie Allows Your Dog To Sit, Stand And Lay Down Comfortably
  • Strength – Webbing Exceeds S.A.E. Standards For Human Seatbelts
  • Convenience – Walk, Ride In And Out Of The Car All Day And Never Change The Equipment
  • Vet Approved – designed With Input From A Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Researched – And Independently Tested, The 1 3/4″ Mil Spec Type 7 Class II Nylon Webbing Was Tested At CTL Thompson Lab In Denver CO. The Webbing Showed A Break Point Of Minimum 6,600 lbs And A Maximum of 9,200 lbs. The Roadie has Also Been Crash Tested By AZT Automotive GmbH (Allianz) In Munich Germany And MGA In The USA

Roadie Is Not Designed To Fit Skin-Tight like Other Harnesses; A Looser Fit Assures Your Dog Stays Comfortable And Secure.


RuffRider-Roadie harness sizing dog

To insure proper sizing you will need your dogs weight, breed and rib cage circumference (to be taken while your dog is standing, behind the front legs at the widest or deepest part of the dogs rib cage). If your dogs weight is close to or at the top of any size order the next larger size.



Here's what customers are saying

"I have been using Ruff Rider safety harnesses for almost 20 years. As a scientist I take my selection of a safety harness for my dog seriously. I chose Ruff Rider because of the quality and safety testing. My dog's safety is important and Ruff Rider ensures it.

Rebecca Rose"

Danielle H.

"[Lexi] looks beautiful, the leash and a carabiner hook her in safely and she doesn’t tip over when we brake anymore!! I feel much safer and I feel like she’s much safer, without her being a 45kg projectile in my car anymore." 

THE FULL STORY.. of how the best Dog Vehicle Safety Harness came about

The Ruff Rider Canine Vehicle Safety Harness was first envisioned by Carl Goldberg in Boulder Co. While traveling down a windy mountain road at five mph, a car driving up the mountain, was traveling on the wrong side of the road. When Carl slammed on his brakes to avoid a collision, his 40kg chocolate lab was ejected from the back seat and thrown through the windshield landing on the hood of the car. 

With an inspiration to make vehicles a safer place for dogs and the people riding with them, Goldberg consulted veterinary orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Joseph “Doc Joe” Evans at the Nederland Co. Veterinary Hospital.  The result; Ruff Rider Roadie is orthopedically sound and ergonomically correct.