Dog Leash - Extra Long 3 handles


Dog Leash - 3 Handles

Long Dog leash with 3 handles perfect for training. Super quality soft webbing combined with multiple comfort neoprene handles to save your hands being hurt trying to hold onto the webbing of the leash as you change control needs.This is not your average training leash.  3 padded neoprene handles to protect your hands, and gives ultimate control. Bright Beach colours.

The first handle gives your dog maximum roaming, the 2nd allows you to keep in a heel position, closer to your side and have more control, and the 3rd handle is the strongest to pull your dog in quickly when needed.

Handle 1 at the top of the leash. Handle 2 halve way along the leash, and handle 3 close to the collar so you can pull your dog in quickly should you need that control, for example in road side situations or if you meet a nervous dog.

Leash is 2.3m in 2.5cm

Select a Collar & Leash Set to save $$$ get the collar for just $10 !!

We also nave a 2 handled shorter version you can view from the menu.

NEW Secure black leash clip.  We took notice of a review saying the original was not working well and have updated in this stock to make sure this clip is very secure. The previous leash clip was amazing but heavy! just haven't had a chance to get to the beach to take photos yet!

Matching Collar

You can now add a matching collar for just $10 designed for medium and large dogs with neoprene lining and quick release buckle in same vibrant beach colours 

Fits Medium/Large necks from 44cm-62cm 2.5cm wide




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