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Surfdog Dog Drying Coats.

Home of the world’ best Dog Drying coats! Super absorbent micro-fibre towelling 'sucks' water from coats. Easy to use, dog drying coats wrap up soggy dogs before they shake to protect cars and homes. Dog Drying coats that dry your whole dog without knots, including bums and tummies!  8 sizes for perfect fit without any nasty buttons, velcro or zips. Our dog drying coats make drying fun - for you and your dog!

This page is just for our really big drying coats for the super large dogs out there.

You gorgeous Berners, Leonbergers, Great Danes and Newfies! All other sizes can be found in our main Dog Drying Coat Pages. 

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Surfdog Dog Drying Coats

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We have two standard Groodles who love the beach. Their fur gets knotty and absorbs a lot of water. With the surf dog towels their fur dries quickly and does not develop the knots and tangles. Basically we hose the girls off put the towels on leave them for approx 60 mins then quickly brush them. All good to go and they look fabulous. Lisa


I bought these for my lab and lab x who swim 2-3 times a week. My lab x in particular has a super heavy coat that normally needs 3 towels to even partially dry. I can give him a pre dry with a single towel then put this coat on, and my car and house stays completely dry! He's also an older boy and I think enjoys the bit of extra warmth after a swim. These might be expensive, but I think they're an absolute bargain and have already recommended them to a couple of people. Megan


We have 2 border collies & bought the dog drying coats - they are amazingly efficient. We just put them on after washing and no drying needed - after 15 minutes they were 80% dry. Also easy to put on and take off - no fuss at all - and the dogs loved them. Mal

I made my first dog drying coat in 2010....

To protect my car on way home from the beach with my surf loving dogs. I also wanted to be able to dry them easily after baths as they were terrified of hair dryers! Great for after beach but also perfect for after bath and essential for travelling with a soggy dogs in Caravans or when camping!

  • superior micro fibre - loop free pile, does not snag, catch or shrink
  • Dries super quick without knots and tangles
  • gentle drying helps prevent hotspots (blow drying can burn and dry skin)
  • Save the trauma of hair dryers or towel chasing!
  • Multiple sizes for the best fit for all breeds - no need for fiddly fastenings!
  • Dry quickly and stay light
  • Easy throw on and secure - no sleeves, no stress
  • Wraps right around including bums and tummies
  • No Velcro, zips, buttons 
  • Tail Hole - dog feels confident as can display tail
  • Designed to stay in place and not slip!
  • Drying on the go - perfect for travelling, camping, boating 
  • Easy risk free buying - I sell direct

  • Surfdog custom name embroidery 

    Maximum 10 letters. Select YES for embroidery and add the name you need in the box provided BEFORE you add each robe to the cart. If you forget just add the name in the note box provided as you checkout.  If you do not want embroidery please select NO as we charge extra for this service!  Name embroidery colour will be same as the colour of SURF DOG as this looks the best!

    On embroidery orders, we allocate a tracking number and let you know your order is being prepared but please allow up 5 business days (usually much quicker) for tracking to be updated as they leave our workshop. If you need urgently please contact me direct!

    Sorry but no returns on Embroidered coats.

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