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Our favourite Floating dog toy the Dura Footy is an extremely durable ball made out of Duralite. It squeaks, is kind to teeth and its super  bouncy! Great for interactive games of fetch. Whilst the Dura Footy is very tough, it is not a chew toy or designed for Alone Play.  All dogs love a footy and this one lasts!

This Dog Footy is an extremely durable dog ball made out of Duralite. Dog Toy that squeaks and is kind to teeth and its super bouncy! Dog toys that are safe fun and non-toxic. Dog toys designed the last. The best dog ball in Australia.

16.5cm x 9.5cm in dimeter this is a great size for all medium to large dogs.

The toys in the Interactive range are tough they are not indestructible! They are designed for interactive games of fetch and tug with the owner. After play, Put away. 

This is India's favourite toy! After having to replace her favourite Pink Sherryn footie every week so happy we found this ball! It bounces at weird angles for fun, can be carried easily in her mouth and is easy to kick and throw. It is soft but so tuff will be with us for a long time... unless I kick in on the roof of course.