Dog Collar Waterproof



Stay Dry Dog collars

Stay Dry waterproof Collars were one of our very first products.

We don't use leather in any of our collars. We don't like using leather for lots of reasons and it is hopeless in water.  Our Stay Dry collars give all the strength of a leather collar with no fabric parts either.

Dog's love the beach, but they don't like wearing soggy, stinky collars all day after leaping through the surf.

Our Stay Dry waterproof collars are completely waterproof so there's nothing to get soggy, smelly and itchy. 

    • moulded rubber - stays dry and does not hold water

    • no fabric to get stinky or soggy

    • naturally antibacterial so no itchy neck

    • really cool colours and sharp 3D logo's. 

SIZING  (smallest hole to largest hole on collar)

  • XS - 21cm - 26cm    (8"- 10")   
  • S   - 24cm - 34cm    (9"- 14")   
  • M  - 32cm - 45 cm (13"- 18")   
  • L   - 42cm - 55 cm  (17"- 22)    

We recommend you wash your waterproof collar in clean water after dips in salt water to extend the life of all parts.


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