Surfdog Dog Drying Coats


Surfdog Dog Drying Coats

Surfdog Dog Drying Coats. Created for Australian dogs, super absorbent micro-fibre towelling 'sucks' water from dogs’ coats.  Unique fabric stays light even when wet unlike cotton and bamboo.  Easy to put on, our drying coats wrap up soggy dogs before they shake to protect cars and homes. Dry your whole dog without knots, including bums!  For extra warmth, pull the hood up over ears. 6 sizes for perfect fit without any nasty buttons, velcro or zips. 

Dog Drying coats loved by groomers and breeders to dry dogs in minutes and prevent knots. 

Surfdog Dog Drying Coats

Watch our movie - see our dog drying coats in action

Surfdog Dog Drying Coats our story

We made one for our beach loving golden boy and everyone loved it so much we now make 8 sizes and 7 colours.  Using the best quality fabric in gorgeous colours, we totally wrap your dog up for maximum drying and soggy doggy protection for you.

  • Protects your car/home/boat from soggy doggy damage!
  • Our micro fibre does not snag, catch or shrink
  • Dries your super quick without knots and tangles
  • Saves your dog from the trauma of hair dryers
  • Super absorbent, quick drying and light
  • Easy to throw over and secure - no legs!
  • Big hood snuggles ears
  • Wraps right around your dog including bums and tummies
  • No Velcro, zips, buttons or fiddly fastenings
  • Tail Hole allow your dog to feel confident as can display tail
  • Designed to stay in place and not slip!
  • Drying on the go - great for travelling and camping, boating with your dog
  • Easy to buy and risk free buying with easy returns and exchanges - we sell direct

Surfdog Dog Drying Coats with Names. Optional chargeable name embroidery
Maximum 10 letters. If you would like to add a name to your drying coat please select the YES option from the drop down menu and we will add the charge to your order. If you do not want embroidery please select NO. Leave the name/names you need in the box under the cart as you checkout.

We allocate a tracking number as soon as we receive your order. Please allow an extra 8-10 days for tracking to be updated on embroidered items as they leave our workshop. No returns on Embroidered coats.

dog drying coats
Surfdog Dog Drying Coats made for Australian Dogs. The ultimate Dog Drying Coats


Surfdog Dog Drying Coats made for Australian Dogs. The ultimate Dog Drying Coats.

SurfDog Drying Coats 


Don't get too stressed about sizing. Just find a dog that looks like yours and that should be enough. The drying coats are designed to wrap around and a bit bigger is always good for more drying power. If you are worried, or if you dog does not fit the breed standard, you can double check the measurements below

Golden Retrievers are usually Large but for Golden's the larger boys often need an XL.  Labs are usually large but some of them have shorter backs and need a medium.

Cocker Spaniels are usually a medium but some are smaller and fit better into a midi.

If still not sure then just contact me. I can alter for odd shapes or if you fall between sizings.

Embroidered robes cannot be exchanged or returned so please double check size chart or contact us if not sure.

Dog Drying Coats 

Surfdog Dog Drying Coats - sizing

 Check size using back length (from the base of neck, near the collar, to base of tail) and also on neck measurement. Weight gives a good overall size. 

TIP - when your dog puts on his robe, put his tail through the hole and pull the robe forward before fastening - to allow more room for movement at the front and to shorten the back length.

size looks like  neck back KG's approx breed type 
XS 22-34
25-35 3-6 toy poodle, pug, papillon, Yorkshire
26-38 36-45 6-10 westie, jack russell, cavoodle, bichon, 
35-45 45-55 12-18 Airedale Terrier, small cocker, mini doodle
M 42-52 48-62 18-25 cocker spaniel, vizsla, staffy, border collies, kelpie, small labs
45-60 60-72
25-36 labs, retrievers, groodle, dalmations, large border collies 
50-62 72-85 36-45

large retrievers, german shepherds, standard poodles and groodles, 

70-90 85-99 45+ leonbergers, newfies
42-50 60-80 25-35 greyhounds, lurchers
Surfdog Dog Drying Coats
Surfdog Dog Drying Coats made for Australian Dogs. The ultimate Dog Drying Coats

Dog Drying Coats 

Dog Drying Coats sizing 


Surfdog Dog Drying Coats made for Australian Dogs. The ultimate Dog Drying Coats









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