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Hands Free Dog Leash

Hands Free running leash by Surfdog Australia. We took a really good idea and made it better. The difference with our running leash is that we didn't just go to China and find a generic design and stick our logo on it!   One of the biggest problems is that the belt part on most of the leashes is just a strip of nylon which tends to cut into your waist. Same goes for the leash as the handles have no lining so you cut your hands when you control your dog. So we added neoprene to the belt for comfort and made the belt wider (3cm). We also added 2 padded neoprene handles.. not one. so you can use the leash on its own without the belt and you also have the short handle if you need to pull your dog to heel for safety which works if your are running or just use the leash on its own!

    • We took a good idea and made it better! 
    • the belt is 3cm wide (all others are dog leash width) to increase comfort 
    • we added neoprene to the belt and the leash handles. 
    • 2 handles the first allows you to use the leash as a traditional leash if you want to use off the belt. The 2nd allows you to restrain your dog closer to you for extra control.
    • Bungy cord part to absorb shocks and pulls for you and your dog.
    • We adjusted the length of the leash to 1.2 m as in our trials we found if the leash part is too long your dog can stray, and particularly when jogging on paths, can cross the path of other runners and you and cause accidents!
    • Quality soft webbing with reflective stitching
    • Belt adjusts from 60cm to 110cm
    • Suits all sizes of dogs

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