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Dog Life Jackets

Dog Life Jackets. Dog Floatation vests different to all the rest because they safely and quickly lift dogs from the water and help them stay afloat. Best quality Dog lifejackets by Stunt Puppy with a reinforced lifting harness and multiple body shaped panels. Under body panels cushion dogs' soft tissue areas in their throat, chest and belly superior to other jackets with nylon straps under body. Chest panel (the only Dog Life jacket that has!) between front legs to prevent slipping from harness, gives maximum support to keep dogs heads above water.

Don't come to us looking for Cheap Lifejackets. We love dogs and you too much.. dogs deserve the best especially when it comes to safety. If a dog has a bad experience in the water wearing a bad fitting uncomfortable like jacket he may never go on the water again! Don't waste your money - get it right the first time.

These precious lifejackets are almost out of stock.. new delivery expected end of July. If you would like to reserve yours please pre order now. 

Please take time to read what makes a good dog lifejacket! Ours were originally made in New Zealand by a Kayaker who could not pull his dog back on board! Now made by the USA company Stunt Puppy. To keep your dog safe you need to be able to safely lift him quickly out of the water without him slipping from your grip.  Inspired by kayaking and wake boarding vests the Stunt Puppy dog life jacket uses a unique and patented enclosed design that wraps your dog in  balanced, comfortable and secure flotation. Check out the customer Reviews. Understand that most dog lifejackets are made by pet toy factories in Asia who don't know a lot about water safety (or dogs!).  See if the cheap ones on ebay, in your local pet shop, camping shop etc include the same features we list below - we are sure your dog is worth it!

3 main things make this dog lifejacket totally superior to other dog life jackets.

1. Chest Panel 
  • The only dog life jacket that is enclosed between the front legs with a chest panel- others are open between the front legs which can cause your dog to slip through of the jacket or to flap up in his face
  • Enclosed is better for buoyancy, security and comfort, particularly when being lifted. It's a small difference, but an important one. And can prevent your dog slipping or falling back into the water.
  • Flotation in the under-chest panel supports the heavier shoulder area and helps keep the head higher in the water
2. Fully Enclosed Harness, (with lifting handle attached to the harness not flotation material)
  • Attaching the handle to the full harness supports the dog fully, secures them firmly and eases pressure on soft tissue. Others attach to lifejacket fabric which is not strong enough.
  • This Dog Lifejacket shares the same harness construction as HeliDog harnesses used for lifting dogs underneath helicopters. We don't expect you'll be dropping onto your SUP or your kayak from a helicopter (or maybe you will to your super-yacht), but if you did then you'd be just fine.

  • If you cannot lift your dog quickly and efficiently both you and your dog are at risk, your craft can become unstable and you will not be able to save him.

3. Curved and Articulated Multiple body shaped  Panels create a more streamlined fit and more comfort

  • Every panel on the Float Doggy is curved to mirror the shape of a dog’s body
  • Each panel is articulated for flexibility to improve comfort and movement and give a streamlined fit
  • Panels use different densities of foam to best balance flotation and reduce bulk. A lot of lifejackets have just 3 or even 1 piece so are shaped like a box and do not fit! These have 9 body shaped panels
  • Independent front and rear adjustments allow for different body dimensions

Read all the information to understand what makes a good life jacket... it certainly is not about strapping a bit of foam to your dogs back.

 Ok .. so heres a list of features in case you are still not convinced 

  • Harness construction cradles your dog in the jacket -minimises pressure points
  • Hinged foam segments allow free movement and a better fit
  • Variable density foam complements natural buoyancy
  • Chest panel keeps the head above water without pressuring the throat - no flapping neck panel to impede swimming and vision
  • Tapered panels give a better fit on a range of doggy shapes
  • Double strapping secures the jacket evenly and firmly
  • Full length lifting handle and leash attachment for doggy overboard situations
  • Harness construction minimises throat and elbow pressure
  • Harness construction secures dogs inside the harness so they cannot wriggle or slip out when being lifted
  • Durable strong construction using Cordura® Nylon and waterproof reflective tapes
  • no darned velcro!! 
Dog Life jackets with a reinforced lifting harness enclosed around your dog to provide maximum head lifting floatation and easy water retrieval. Dog Life jackets made by floatation experts approved by Surfdog Australia for ultimate safety in water.


Jackets have adjustment in chest and shoulders so work with weight first.
Back length is not so important as the vital thing is to have support at the front to keep your dogs head above water. 
Use the approximate weight and breed type to select your jacket..  Make sure the the neck size will fit your dog... it is just a guide as the jacket sits below the neck go back about 10 cm from his collar if your dog's neck is larger than the neck size given go up a size.
XS    3-6 max 35 Toy Breeds, Poodle, Maltese, Papillon
S    6-11 max 42 Fox terrier, Jack Russell, Westie, Bichon
M   11-25 max 48 Kelpie, Cocker Spaniel, Small Pointer, Border Collie, Staffy
L    25-55  max 52 German Shepherd, Retriever, Labrador, Boxer. Labrador
XL    50-75 max 70 Leonberger, Newfie, Mastiff,




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