Dog Leash - Surf Style



Surf Leg Rope Dog Leash 

Dog Collars with Technology used by surfers Surfdog Australia - the sexiest most practical leash for the beach.  With a large, strong marine grade clip that is used by the marine industry to secure sailors to yachts! Suited for larger dogs. Just snap the shackle on to your dogs collar.... so easy... no fighting with sand blocked hooks while your dog makes a dash up the beach.. its such a great feature you will find yourself just clipping it on things for the fun of it! The urethane leash material is strong and absorbs as your dog dashes for the surf!


    • technology used by surfers

    • urethane cord with 75KG breaking strength

    • 1 metre length (44")

    • swivels at end of cord to reduce stress

    • wide comfort neoprene padded handle

    • Stainless steel 316 clip as used in the marine industry for attaching sailors to yachts!

    • ultra violet purple, ocean blue, radical red

 Designed for surfers - now available for surf dogs!  

 A note about Marine Grade Stainless Steel. All metals except gold, platinum, and palladium corrode! We have chosen to use hardware and from a Marine Supplier made of Stainless Steel 316 as we wanted to use the best metal fixing we could. Most collars and leashes use a zinc alloy which is coated with a thin coat of steel like finish. The coating soon comes away making the hardware look dull and this compromises the strength of the metal fixing as alloy is cast and tends to be brittle and prone to snapping. Marine Grade Stainless steel is made of solid steel with no coating. If corrosion does start to show you can lightly sand back with a fine nail file or emory board. We recommend the use of natural remedies, lime juice, vinegar or baking soda work well and can be applied with aluminium foil. The important thing about stainless steel is that the small amounts of rust that may occur will not compromise the strength of the metal hardware. Rinsing your collars and leashes in clean water and allowing to air dry helps is really important and we recommend taking quick action if you do start to see any small spots of rust.



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