Surfdog - Our Movie and story!

Surfdog - Our Movie and story!

Surfdog was started in 2011 by me in - Sara Holton - after so many fantastic walks on the beach here in Perth, with my 3 surf loving dogs.  'Captain' a very bad example of a Labradoodle, now 15 years old. 'Tinkerbell' a Schnoodle with ambitions to be a supermodel owing to her  patience whilst standing still while I pin products around her.  And little 'Mouse', a Fox Terrier crossed with a Shitzhu, bought to mend a broken heart, and a little dog that just loves to love - she is the face of our logo.

Watching all the dogs on the beach having the time of their lives just made me want to make something to celebrate them.

My first product was my beach robe, stitched with loving care around my 3 patient surf dogs this has now become iconic in the dog world and embodies our mission of making practical products that look good but have a purpose!  Designed to prevent soggy doggy damage at car and home, our website and Facebook page is now full of images from customers with robes from around the world.

Following the success of the robe I have spent the last 5 years working on ideas and hunting down the best possible manufacturers.  I have developed a great relationship with my dog and beach loving customers and with their help have continued to add products to our range. No longer are Surfdog Australia products limited to beach loving dogs but with customers from New York to Norway who just want great looking products and a piece of our lifestyle.  Customers from around the world looking to share our lifestyle. Overseas visitors love to take a bit of Aussie lifestyle back to the best mate they left at home! Surfdog Australia's products are perfectly suited for the gift industry with most people having all they could ever need, what better gift for you best human mate than something for their best canine mate!  We have recently added our Human Range too which we hope to continue to develop in the coming years.

I hope you enjoy my products and we look forward to meeting you and your surf dog on our Facebook/surfdogaustralia

Love Sara, Captain, Tinkerbell and Mouse xx
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