For the last 13 years we have had a culture of our customers sharing photos of their beautiful dogs wearing our products. Not only does this mean we have lots of dog images in store but it also helps us check how we are doing, how our products fit, and any changes we might need to make them perfect!

We are very old fashioned. We have never paid for a review, a like or a follower. We do not use influencers. We just make sure we have happy customers and that their dogs enjoy wearing our products.

THE ULTIMATE DOG DRYING COAT - with custom name embroidery

Surfdog Australia Dog Drying Coats. First made in 2010 with love for our beach loving boy ‘Captain’ to dry him and save our car from sand and water after trips to the beach.

Not your average drying coats. Ours are not 'Cheap' they are beautiful, exceptional quality, you and your dog will love. We absolutely guarantee this! We keep our dog drying coats in stock, we are available to talk to.. (we don't like robots). We custom embroider. We pleasure from making great quality products that customers enjoy. Yes, we are a bit old fashioned.

Our Drying Coats are made in 8 shaped sizes for a perfect fit. Using generous amounts of fabric, with bound edges and non snag fabric, in 9 colours. We are a small business in Western Australia, we have been making Dog Drying Coats for 13 years. Many of our Dog Drying Coats have been passed down generations of dogs with quality that lasts.

Our Dog Drying Coats are easy to use and comfortable for dogs to wear. They take the stress out of drying you dog and make it fun instead!

Embroidery and Printing of Names

Because we keep stock of our products we love adding names to our Drying Coats, Raincoats, Rashies and Adults and Kids robes. It can takes about 5 days to process these orders. All those placed by 15th December will be sent in time for Christmas. Just select YES when you select your product and add name in box provided